2 days ago I ordered a pizza online from the closest Dominos Pizza branch to my house (Kucukyali-Istanbul). They delivered it on time but when I opened it there was hair on it.

It was almost 8 cm long and doubt it was either human hair. It was obvious that the hair was cooked with the ingredients.I took the pictures and sent to info@dominospizza.com.tr. A few hours later someone called from the said branch (probably the delivery guy) and offered a new one which I refused and asked for refund. Later someone else called again and asked for the bill, he said they can not refund otherwise.

The bill was already thrown to garbage and it was all in their records since it was an online order, I even gave them order number. I was very pissed with their behaviour. They don't feel sorry about the situation and can not consider or care about the consequences of their act.

I don't believe that Turkish employees (even the head office) will be any of help therefore I am writing it here. This is not about the money I paid, this is about their unwilling to help and disregardful manner in a possible health issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey #1273542

Sure that's mostly every where . what about the fact that other restaurants cook with tap water.it happened to me also what can we do .


It's a hair pie


Yes, finding hair is gross. But it won;t harm you.

Consider yourself fortunate...

1) I once found a piece of copper in a sandwich from a sandwich shop. I insisted on investigating this with the manager. We examined the kitchen, and we noticed a copper scrub pad above the station where the sandwiched are made. Policy was changed to never allow these cleaning items anywhere near the food.

2) During a meal at an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord restaurant, I noticed my mashed potatoes was a bit tough. Assuming it was a piece of meat under, I tried cutting it with my knife. Turned out to be a bandage from the cooks finger stained with blood/puss. The cook prepared food with bare hands - with a bandaged cut finger!!!

I almost vomited... literally! Never went back.

3) I used to work in a pizza shop. When the cook is adding the ingredients to the pizza, they will fling the ingredients onto the pizza.

This is normal. Depending on the time of year, humidity, and heat, will determine how many insects that are buzzing around may get caught in the ingredients on their way to the pizza. This is not intentional.

4) The average person swallows several spiders a year in there sleep!

5) An ingredient in shredded cheese call Cellulose powder is Wood Pulp!!!

It used to coat the strands of cheese to prevent them from sticking to each other. If they labeled it 'Wood Pulp', would you buy it? This is not to gross you out. Humans eat lots of gross things that doesn't harm us.

Other things happens that are way too gross. Hair in a cooked pizza is the least of it.

Houston, Texas, United States #594054

Hair? heck...most if not all commercial bread products contain human hair as a binder...along with duck feathers etc. granted acid is used to break the hair down...but hair it is...just consider it dental floss for after eating.

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