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Clocking in to work and expectations

I am a morning shift runner at one of the dominos im supposed to open the store at 10:30 am i usually get there at 9:30am which gives me 1 hour to prep, date, set up,and put away the food delivery away.I've just been told that i have to clock in at 10:00am is that a reasonable time for me to actually get every thing done before i open .I would like to add that i do every thing alone until my driver get there at 10:30,and i have to clean the ovens and throw away the garbage from the day before.



When willvsomeome answer my complaint I have with Dominos




My pizza not delivered

Will u get my pizzazz


Delivery guy robbed customer

What number Can I call when a dominos delivery guy robs customer.


Specials store closed

How come it seems that whenever Dominos has a special the Mesquite NV has maintenance, airconditioning, or some other problems? You go there and no one is there.The web site doesnt say they are closed.No phone service.Nothing?


why u don't hire person who has felony.

I applied for a delivery driver job n got turned away cause of my criminal history.


I ordered pizza online but the order is not placed and money is deducted From my account


Why is your customer service and pizza bad

today I brought a pizza that was horrible looking, it had numerous dents and some had no cheese. they sausage was huge and the overall appearance was bad.

This place is located in Norfolk VA on Virginia Beach Blvd, Customer Service was unacceptable.

If they continue like that whoever owns it is going to go out of business. Someone needs to look into this and retrain the staff.


Change email address

How do I change my email address online when I no longer have access to my old email?


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