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Recently I order a pizza from dominos with specific instructions. I order a buffalo chicken pizza no buffalo sauce add banana peppers and red peppers.

I used the app and also I made sure to tell the driver to bring me red pepper and cheese packets. I recievrd my order which had buffalo sauce and the driver gave me 3 packs of cheese and pepper he found in his car. I called the store back to inform them of the mistake and a young lady said she was putting me a credit in. I called today to retrieve my credited pizza and it was never entered in the system.

They put me on hold to talk to the manager and she seemed to have an attitude I was previous manager and employee at a dominos location so I know how the complaint process goes. The manager told me she was to busy to look up my order and she was going to call me back.

I was looking foward to eating my pizza and enjoying the game who's knows when they will call me back. I'm disappointed which my experience not only did I feel rushed but I probably won't get a call back or my pizza.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why did you take the pizza in the first place? Are that lazy? If you would have reordered thos would have never happend.

Fuzhou, Fujian, China #912896

Why the *** would you order a buffalo chicken pizza with no buffalo sauce, why not just get a chicken pizza with peppers, sounds like you tricked them, you deserve nothing.

to papajohns #940135

Exactly what I was thinking. "buffalo" is the name of a sauce so why order buffalo chicken without buffalo sauce.

i bet you order chicken noodle soup and ask for no noodles. Or bacon cheeseburger with no bacon or cheese. And why are you complaining about packets of pepper and cheese? They didn't charge you for thy anyway.

What's next? You gonna complain because your free napkins are torn?

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