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So I ordered from you guys almost every week if not a little less so I called the store told him I wanted extra garlic not too much but just some on my breadsticks I get it and it barely has any the girl told me it was all set and everything and turns out she didnt bother so I called the store back talk to the Manager and she says all right will send your new one just dont eat the ones you have thats fine she sent it so filled with garlic that they were so soaked and nasty it was disgusting they were so soggy that they were falling apart apparently she was mad because I complained I dont know what you guys are doing fallriver mass pleasant st. But if something doesnt get fixed I dont get a refund I will never shop with you guys again and I always do or something doesnt happen this is the second time Ive had a problem at least this one tried to fix it but she was rude and ruin my food people like food the way they want it theres no reason to be an absolute piece of *** but she literally soaked them to where they were floating in garlic when I just asked for a little extra If I dont end up getting a call back Im gonna take this further to be honest because that was so messed up and so rude and spiteful And I know better than to call them back because they dont bother are usually dont bother to complain but that was so rude it was stupid I have grease all over my floor from it flooding out from the *** breadsticks I want something done about this and at least a refund because Im gonna take this way higher than I have to if you guys dont

User's recommendation: Don’t shop at this location if u care about ur food second time god knows if they spit in it I won’t even eat it but if I call back god knows it will be worse.

Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

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.....You got what you asked for. Stop ***

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