I called regarding a refund that I was supposed to be receiving, and I did not receive. When I called the store a man named Isaac who refuse to give me any information other than his first name hung up in my face the first time.

I called back a second time I asked him did he hang up in my face, and he replied that since I was not in store it could not be in my face.

I asked for a manager he stated that he was there to help refusing to get a manager and when I asked again he said that he was a manager but I did not want to speak to him, I want to speak to a different one. He then told me no one was there other than him and that if I did not want his assistance hed hang up on me again.

Dominos Pizza Pros: Was good until that night, Order online.

Dominos Pizza Cons: I want my refund, Horrible and unprofessional customer service, Being insulted & ignored, Store staff behavior.

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