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Dominos Pizza

Tonight my husband and I went to Dominos Pizza at 2280 Old Betsy Rd. in Keene, Texas.

We wanted to be sure they were open since they had been closed several days due the inclement weather.

We pulled up and saw the open sign and workers inside; so, I placed an online order.

I opened the pizza tracker and followed along until it said the pizza was ready.

At the same time, a male worker came out to our vehicle and asked if he could help us. We told him that we had just placed an online order and he said they were not taking online orders. In fact, they were now closed. I said, well the app tracker says the pizza is now ready.

I showed him. He said he would go check inside.

Later, a female walked out and approached our vehicle and said she made a sudden decision 2 hours ago to close because of a lack of supplies. Their truck had not come due to bad weather.

I mentioned that we took the time to drive over there. We saw the open sign and workers cleaning inside.

I asked why they didnt turn off the open sign 2 hours ago when they decided to close? Then I mentioned that we were outside the store in the vehicle before I even placed an order because I wanted to make sure that they were open. She kept saying they made the decision 2 hours ago.

So, she tried to ignore the fact that she failed to turn off the sign. If it had been off, I wouldnt have placed the order.

I asked whey did the app allow me to place an order when they were closed? She mentioned that they tried to call me to cancel the order. I said well, my husband and I had been sitting out there before we even place an order and my phone never rang. She said, well you must have a different phone number.

I said; no, I have had the same phone number since I opened the account. I asked her if she could understand my frustration. I had already paid for the order online and took the time to drive there to be sure they were open before placing the order.

I asked her when would I receive my money back. She said, 3 to 5 business days.

I asked for her name.

She said, Im not going to tell you my name. I said, well you better make sure I get my money back.

She walked away and went back into the building.

This is not the first time weve had problems with this Dominos.

User's recommendation: Don’t waste your time going there.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: I need the manager to apology to me by calling me herself. I don’t mind going to the facility for this to be sure it’s her that’s apologizing. She was a white blonde. My phone number is provided. The address is 2221 FM 2280, Keene, Texas. .

Dominos Pizza Pros: Convenience of location.

Dominos Pizza Cons: Rude service.

Location: 2221 County Road 805 B, Cleburne, TX 76031

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