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Called at 1030am to place a small order for my business and asked if we could have it delivered by 1pm because of my associates lunch and was told yes. At 130 pm I called the store back because we still haven't received our food and the women working named Madison was extremely rude saying she has no idea where the driver is and said I'm the only one here!

Before I could say anything she hung up on me.

At 2pm I called back because I was going to cancel the order, but she said it was already on its way, when we received our order we were missing the sauce for our wings, considering they are a dollar a piece I'm pretty upset with the service! Definitely not going back and will not recommend this place to my business or any business around me.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I would love to be able to order pizza for delivery, but being on SSI, I cannot afford to tip the delivery driver, so I forgo the service. (I receive SSI for psychiatric disabilities)


Why should you get a full refund. You ate the food.

The only thing you need refunded is the sauce. If you cannot afford their prices do not order that much. If you did not ask for a full refund rather than a reduction on the sauce I would believe you. But since you are asking for a full refund it is obvious that you are lying to get a free meal because you could not afford to treat your company.

Also you liar the sauce is not a dollar a piece. The wings may be but the sauce is not.

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