as a formal employee and driver i have complaints , when dominos charges 1.95 for delivery why the drivers only 80 cents per delivery , isn't the driver supposed to be reembersed for the wear and tear on the vehicles . other pizza companys that charge a delivery fee.

and have their own vehicles, the whole fee goes towards the business vehicle , it's like i paid dominos to work for them the past 7 1/2 years THAT *** some may say thats a scam what do you think.

No one has ever honestly explained that one to me . so how could explain it to customers

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I don't get any of the delivery charge- I get $0.30 per mile driven, unrelated to the delivery charge.


I'm also a Dominos driver. I work for the one in Jefferson City, TN.

The delivery charge here is $2.00. And we get $1.25 out of that. According to what I hear, the other 75 cents goes to an insurance fund. In case the driver wrecks on the job.

But even so. You get tips don't you?


You drivers are also getting tipped for the pizza us insiders are busting our tails to make!

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