This is the reason I'm writing this review. The reason being, I called four different Domino's all inside of two and a half miles of my house.

The least one being a mile in 1/3. They all said the same to me we don't deliver to that address! Yet I see them driving in here all the time I do not believe that the left hand know what the right is doing. If the pizza was good I was throwing a party of more than a hundred people.

And then was thinking about using Domino's. But let it be set that after they all had brushed me off oh, I won't even think twice about doing business what Domino's Pizza. I was charged approximately 14 of $16 and I also was told that it would take three to five days to get back into my account on my card. I really want to know why the person answering the phone was that snotty to me.

One girl actually said I'm sorry sir, but we don't deliver to that address. Again I'll state that I seen him driving in here every day of the week, so I would really like to know what their problem is? Is this the way that you intend to run a company if. If I had to rate Domino's after today's experience.

And use the scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the very best and one being the worst. I would have raided them today after this experience -5.

Okay, I have said my peace please have a good day.

DJ. Michael D

User's recommendation: I'll never darken the door of Domino's again after today's experience.

Location: Hollywood, Florida

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