I've honestly never seen anything like this before and had never had a serious problem with Domino's but on November 26,2018 i went on line to place an order as i had done many times i had a guess over who had never eaten Domino's before so i took the liberty of ordering up a specialty pizza, wings, and dessert, there was a promotion with 50% off i placed the order and noticed initially it didn't take the discount so i called the store the young man that answered my call advised me to try again or reset my browser for the discount and while i had him on the phone i asked what was all was included in the discount he put me in hold spoke to his supervisor and told me everything on the menu I thought well great seems like a great deal i told him i world try again and if i had a problem i had the same problem i would call back,well the disciunt work for party of the order but not all so i call back and that where the trouble really began i called back and was placed on hold for an hour i held on because i really wanna to get this resolved before the driver arrived so i would have the correct amount and there would be no misunderstanding about my order, but at the same time i thought the driver should have arrived already so now i really want to know what going on because the tracker didn't seem to be working as well i have some hungry guests, self included then the phone hangs up so i called back and again placed on hold at that time for thirty minutes when one of my guest decided to call and we were both on hold and it went from 30min. to an hour again and i thought this has never happened before i was beginning to feel the embarrassment because i had convinced my guest who had never tried Domino's that the food was good, fresh and their was a great discount. so now another hour had gone by and couldn't get anyone in the phone at that time i want to for get the whole thing but in my mind i didn't want the driver showing up after i had made other arrangements, an hour and twenty min in some answered i explain what was going on and was eager to hear what he had to say about the situation, well he informed me the young man's i spoke to earlier had given the wing info on the discount and that he was called into work on his off day to help out and he could not find my order i thought that was strange because put the same order in twice an two hour apart and he couldn't find either then he ask for the order number i gave it to him he on and on about coming in on his off and three then her told me they had no drivers to delivery the food i asked why wasnt i informed he had no idea so if i had never called to inquire about the discount and held on as long as i did my food wouldn't have been delivered and wouldn't have know why he put the scissor in the phone and she preceded to tell me that they don't deliver in this area after dark i don't know if she thought by telling me that would make a difference in my frustration at this point but it only added to it i told her it wasn't true she then replied with an attitude that she the supervisor and she know it to be true and even went on to say their had been some break -ins in the area and that was the reason why i told her to check my profile that i almost always order after dark then she said it's been two months since you're last order i really didn't wanna say what i was thinking at that point i just shook my head i then said to her i understand because of the promotion you may be a little s swamped and overwhelmed but i should been notified that you couldn't deliver and had no drivers at that time i was hung up on, as long as I've been dealing with businesses I've never encountered such disregard and unprofessionalism in my life and in this day and age with social media they it is you really don't want to battle when your in the wrong social media and word of mouth it plays a valuable part, but it definitely change the way i view this Domino's location and i don't think i will ever use them again i was a lil understanding up to the point where i was made to fill like i had done something and the tables were by turned on me the will always be a dissatisfied customer no matter what u do but this was so won't on so many levels and a lot of it i have just left out from now on I'll just go with pizza hut or someone

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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