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On Christmas Eve , I decided to purchase pizza and dominos was the only thing open at this time . My husband picked up the pizza and all the bacon was burnt on top .

I called in , manager told me to bring it back , brought it in and Kelly the manager told me that was a pefectly good pizza , I told her I was not satisfied and my opinion was the only one that mattered , she went to the back and hollered the whole time about how I should order my pizza , I then told her to come talk to me face to face she told me she had to make pizza and if I wasn’t concerned with anyone else people and I told her no I didn’t work there and other people’s pizza was not my problem. I asked way she was so unprofessional and she told me she was giving me what I was giving her and told her you think I’m being ugly because I asked for another pizza . She told me it was no use for me to complain because I had to talk to her Kelly general manager of the store in Broussard . She brought the pizza to me and tried to be more professional, I no longer wanted to play nice , I didn’t want to hear she was hard of hearing .

She told me , I could asked her sister if she was hard of hearing I didn’t want to talk to her sister. She told me to get out of the store and don’t come back I told her she would never have to worry I would never go back to that raggedy place . When I was walking out told to her keep making pizza that looks like a piece of sand paper, she told me she probably makes more money then me , I told her I doubt it . Walk outside to my car , She raced outside to smoke a cancer stick and walked to the dirtiest car in the parking lot .

We had more words and she told she had my license plate number . She called my phone the Wednesday after Christmas I huge up . She called me back , I hung up and called the headquarters in Mississippi told them to tell her not to call my phone again ,cause now it was harassment, I would call the police .

Still waiting on a district manager to call . Still waiting

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Manager.

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You sound like a complete and utter CharlieUniformNovemberTango Who starts @#$# over a pizza on Christmas Eve

to Anonymous #1625369

Dr. Phil wouldn't say it!


You sound like a dumb *** lady. It’s Christmas Eve, Nobody wants wants to be cooking your *** pizza and then getting *** cause it wasn’t good enough. They probably want to be home with their family where your *** should be too.


To be fair, you did start a huge racket over a perfectly normal pizza.

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