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If I had not followed up with my bank and credit card company, I would have been charged $80 for a $20 meal.

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Dominos Pizza

Culver City (#7805)

4238 S Sepulveda

Culver City, CA 90230

At Culver Blvd.

(310) 839-****

It is my son's birthday today and I placed an order online. I initially tried to use my credit card.

Anyway, I called the store and this guy told me he could not see my purchase on his end. So I tried 2 more times. It kept giving me a message in RED stating "there was an error" I then decided to use my debit card. It said my transaction was completed.

Then I received a text from my credit card company stating I made a purchase at Domino's. I immediately called the store back and explained to the guy what happened. He said "you have call your bank and handle that." I proceeded to let him know the online message says "Something wrong with your order? Make a claim, and we'll make it right" Then he yelled ma'am you have to call your bank!

We have nothing to do with that. I explained again that I spoke with him earlier and he told me he did not see the order nor payment. I then asked him his name and he kept sayiing "you have to call your bank" over and over and I kept asking him "sir I just need to know your name so that I can let them know who I spoke with" He said again "you have to call your bank and hung the phone up in my face. Now, if I hadn't called my credit card company, I would have been charged 3x's plus once at my bank.

While filling out the survey, I see his name (Guillermo). And my son was delighted with the delivery service by Jose. Now my question isIs Guillermo someone you would prefer to have working for your franchise? Is this behavior acceptable?

I am a front line worker at one of the largest hospitals and I know for a fact, this is not acceptable. "What you permit, you promote." You never know whom you may come in contact with. I live in Houston, TX. and was just trying to get my son a little lunch before his dinner when I fly in tonight.

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Would someone from upper management please respond.

Stephanie Phillips


Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Dominos Pizza Pros: Great tasting pizza.

Dominos Pizza Cons: Unwilling to make things right, Managers need more training in how to handle customers, Dishonesty.

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