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I went into Domino's to pick up my phoned in order. An employee was preparing a pizza order.

The employee that came to the counter to help me, for some reason, told the guy preparing a pizza order to come to the window and to take my payment. I think the first employee didn't know how to do a Debit payment. The employee that originally came to help me walked over and began to put his bare (no gloves)unwashed hands on the pizza dough that had been being prepared. He proceeded to call another employee over to question the size of the dough and she than began to put her bare and unwashed hands on the same pizza dough.

I wasn't there when the pizza preparation was started so I don't know if the first guy washed his hand first but he didn't have gloves on either. Yuck !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do you wear gloves when cooking for your family? How about a hairnet?

No you don’t and yet your family is still alive and not suffering from food poisoning. Gloves are a illusion as are hairnets. Both fail more often then you would realize. Most states dont require gloves for a reason.

Kinda moronic of you people to have such a double standard. I’m betting your own cooking practices could use an update. Do you blast your own mother/grandmother for not wearing gloves and a hairnet?

You’re all falling for the media hype and drinking the koolaid. Calm down jeez.


I went to domino's pizza and notice , They were not wearing hair net's or gloves while preparing the pizzas.

I then ask the manager if I could see him outside a moment politely, I ask him about SQF and I ask him what about the food protection policy, I see 8 guys in a kitchen 5people preparing food and to me was unsanitary.

He informed me they don't have to because the oven heats to 500 degrees. And I said what about hair and what about the other guys boxing pizza up?

Do you think there's a slight chance a hair may fall in the food after it come out of Oven!

Your handle food!

Come on people! Listen if your running food buisness, And in direct contact with the food! wear hairnets and gloves and all contact protectection.

That's how people get food poison and Germs are spread. Thats my Rant

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #1337063

That is filthy,something needs to change there,they need gloves

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States #1311733

No gloves! Don't tell me that heat takes care of all worries or that gloves can tear and fall off...

there are regulations for food preparation...serve safe certification requirements by health dept.

where are these certificates? Can't believe food is peeped without gloves!!

to Alisa Simpson Bronx, New York, United States #1316191

Have you ever taken a ServSafe course? Just finished mine. Most health codes don't require gloves unless the employees are dealing with eggs or raw meat.

to Anonymous Ona, Florida, United States #1316837

That may be so but they are required to wash their hands before handling food.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1302812

Plastic Gloves tear and sometimes can go into the food.

Marshall, Missouri, United States #1198563

Everything goes in the oven at 450+ degrees for at least 6 min. Last I checked none of those bacteria, or anything else living could survive that.

I would say it's safe. Although if the person cutting your pizza hasn't washed their hands that is where I would be concerned.

to Anonymous Bronx, New York, United States #1316192

For the most part, that's true. However it doesn't kill viruses. Employees aren't required to wear gloves because they wash their hands and don't handle raw meat or the post-bake product.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1074068

I also went to Domino's today and was disgusted at what I saw a employee making pizzas with no gloves. One employee had on a nasty band aid I will never order pizza again...


These people need to wear a glove some of these people are from foreign countries.. they need to wash their hands. Where is the health department on?

to Anonymous #1452011

If they from a foreign countries? Does that make your people angels ?

Richmond, Richmond Upon Thames, United Kingdom #994065

Disgusting no gloves

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #934327

I knew it happen see it when those guy takken turn after delivery made back driving the car at dough without grove and unwashed hands , all make money as not care of health. Yuck

East Orange, New Jersey, United States #857546

Went in dominos non of the workers that were making orders were wearing gloves.i order a marinara with sausage and a chicken alfredo and told the lady from the register to let them know to put gloves on.and they wanted to get smart and say they dont do that and that we could have our money back.

Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States #655432

Do you know how many restaurants don't use gloves or hairnets. You wouldn't want to eat out again.Better yet don't ha sorry to funny. If u wear gloves with pizza dough can u imagine what would happen to the dough.

to dolphin Aguadilla, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico #655586

That is BS. The type of gloves that are worn when preparing food aren't like surgical gloves, food doesn't stick like that.

Plus pizza dough always has a flour of some type on it and on the surface where they bare working to prevent it from sticking.

My daughter use to work at a pizza place' I know. Even if what you said was true how do you excuse them not washing their hands?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #655396

Do you suppose that by the time the pizza is baked in an oven, at high temperatures, any possible germs on it, would be killed off.

to anonymous Aguadilla, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico #655598

It is true that some bacteria/germs are killed during the cooking process, but do you really want to eat someone's baked hair or boggers? They handle money/ credit cards, touch the cash register keys,and use the bathroom. If they aren't washing their hands before touching the food do you think they wash their hands after using the bathroom?

to joan #742288

Yes. You can only wash your hands so many times.

Surely the employees wash their hands several times a day, but it would take your pizza considerably longer if they washed their hands every time they touched something other than food. The pizza is baked at over 500 degrees and not even health inspectors fault you for not washing your hands after every encounter with something other than food, as long as you don't touch the food with your hands after it has been cooked.

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