A little over a half hour ago I attempted to order a two topping medium pizza and 16 parmesan bites from dominos and immediately after I called I was placed on hold for nine minutes. Then I placed my order with a young lady who was rude impatient and hard of hearing.

After order was clearly understood I said that I would like to pay with my visa debit card. I was repeatedly told that the card was declined and that they don't take visa. I previous to making my call to dominos called my bank to check my balance which wad $780.00. Being told that visa isn't accepted when I have used the very same card at this location previously stressed me out and caused me to cancle my order.

I am 4 months pregnant and forced to be on bed rest in order to make it full term. I don't need the stress of what should be convienant for a person in my position but turned out to be stressful.

Since I am still unfed and need to explore futhure options I would like to thank you for listening. Hopefully something will be done to better customer service.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #649551

First of all, if your card was declined, it was declined, there is nothing an employee can do about that. It is not there fault, there may be an error with the bank, but it is not the employee's fault.

Second, if you were placed on hold for nine minutes, it is often because the store is busy. You are not the only one calling for pizza, and employees have to get to phone calls in order ie person who has been on hold the longest gets helped first. If you don't want to wait your turn like a decent human being, go order online.

Also, if they were busy, employees are usually curt and to the point as to get through more orders faster so people won't have to be on hold for so long. While it may seem "rude" the employees are just trying to do their job promptly.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #630234

If you had received the pizza you would have had to get out of bed to answer the door when it arrived, therefore, you are able to get out of bed, to fix yourself a sandwich or a can of soup or something. I'm also sure you get up to use the bathroom and shower, etc.

If you don't think you are supposed to get up long enough to fix a little lunch, then have your significant other fix something for you that can be left within reach and then you won't have to strain yourself. How was the employee rude? Sometimes when a person places an order by phone there is enough background noise that it makes it hard for the employee to hear.

One other thing in my 73 years I have never heard of anybody having to be on bed rest until they are further along in the pregnancy than you say you are. I don't feel sorry for anybody that is pregnant, it is a fact of life, unless you abstain.

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