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I called to order a pizza and asked if they had change for a $100.00 bill they said yes. My order gets here and the driver has no change.

The driver said he would take my money and come back. I called Dominos to speak to the manager he said do you want the pizza or not I am busy and hung up on me. I called back and asked what was his name and he gave me a urh sound. HOW RUDE!

He said you do not understand I said I understand. Maybe your company should hire and train them with professional people skills. This tells me no one is on the same page they make their own rules. No communication amongst employees.

The manager pointed the fault to the driver. This shows the manger is NOT DOING HIS JOB.

What a shame. If you would like his name I have it.

User's recommendation: Remove the manager.

Preferred solution: Train managers who are dealing with the public and be respectful because the customer is always right..

Dominos Pizza Pros: Delivery, Deliver.

Dominos Pizza Cons: I always have to ask what specials do you have.

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