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Terrible customer service. I called this place 20 times with no answer after being on hold each time for at least 5 minutes. I tried calling other Domino's and they were even more unhelpful. When I finally got someone on the phone they answered with "Pick-up or Delivery?" No greeting or anything... Once I told the lady "Delivery" I proceeded to ask her why it took so long before I reached someone guess what happens next???? She hung up! I called back 10 more times and there was no answer again.

The first time I used the online service to place my order. The tracker said that my order was "on the way" and an hour and a half later I called the store and they let me know that the delivery driver hadn't even left yet!

I was cautious about placing my online order with them, but now I'm not ordering from them again. In fact, I will be contacting them tomorrow to speak to the Store Manager. I left an email on the Domino's website for their Corporate Department. We'll see if I get contacted about that anytime soon.

This location is TERRIBLE! WARNING: Do not waste your time or money at this location.. You'll probably be better off walking in..

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a partial refund. The author is overall dissatisfied with Dominos Pizza. The most disappointing about dominos pizza pizza from Dominos Pizza was rude clerk and delivery Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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There are certain times when most restaurants don't answer their phone, and that is when they are having a busy period. There are times when I call restaurants that I get put on hold, but to me five minutes isn't a long time.

When a business is having a busy period why should they waste their time with a greeting when they do answer the phone. At least the phone got answered.

You didn't really ahve to be rude and and ask why it took so long for somebody to answer the phone. Common sense would have told you to figure out it was because they were busy.

to anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #964099

Well judging by the HORRIBLE Google reviews about my same issue... and my previous experience I had with them I'm right on point with this complaint.

I have held customer service jobs (Fast food, retail, etc) almost my entire work history. I expect and DEMAND great customer service. POINT BLANK! At least they answered?

After I called 20 F&^%$*& times! These excuses may fly for someone else, but I give respect so especially if i'm spending my money with you, respect is due! What kind of restaurant that cares about its customers does this??

Many places can be busy but there is nothing wrong with saying "Please Hold" Or "We're experiencing longer wait times than normal but I'll be right with you as soon as possible, I have a line in front of me" ... Common sense would have told the worker that there is Money on the phone so be courteous.

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