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I was alone for the night and I decided I should order pizza from Dominos. So I did, I ordered one small pizza, and that was it.

The total came out to about $10.00 and I paid in a credit card. So in about 25 minutes I hear the doorbell ring so I go get the money (for his tip) and answer the door. I took probably no more than a minute (if that). He could see me through the door getting the money.

And once I get the money ($5), I go and answer the door and he is standing there looking pissed. The delivery person was someone in there 40's or 50's and he didn't know much english it seems. And he starts yelling at me telling me how long I took and how it hot outside (90 degrees F, normal for Houston). So I of course apologize, while he's getting out the pizza.

I hand him his $5 tip and he makes me sign a receipt and i put a $5 on there too so in reality he got $10 extra. He already was getting a 50% tip and now he was getting a 100% tip.

I don't necessarily feel bad for giving him some money just because he probably doesn't get tipped for every delivery and doesn't get paid that much to begin with, but I feel that he shouldn't yell at someone for taking less than 60 seconds to get to the door. By the way, this dominoes was in the Memorial area, off of Memorial drive (west of the beltway).

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #696439

You gave a total of $10.00 for tip for a $10.00 pizza??? Something is wrong here. Why didn't you have the tip money handy, as soon as you ordered the pizza?

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