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I wanted to order a Large thin crust with 3 veggie topings pizza and called the store in Rochester downtown, MI on 5/26/14. Paul Collins answered the phone and put me on hold for 5 mins first.

no one came back on the line and so I hung up and called again. He answered again and said my total was $18 after taking my order. I usually pay $12 for my same order and $18 didn't seem correct to me. I told Paul Collins the same and said I'm going to call him right back after I check the menu again.

He immediately said not to call the store again and told me to place the order online. I never had any such experience before with someone talking so mean to the customer and this is my worst experience ever. It was very clear that he was angry and he didn't wanted to take my order. I would like an answer from the company for employing such people and for the way he responded.

I called the store again to talk to the manager and he said he is the manager and gave me his name saying I can go ahead and file a complaint against him.

I will never order my pizza again with Dominos if the company doesn't get back to me with an answer. I would highly appreciate to investigate why he behaved such way and take necessary action to retain customers.

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Heres an "explanation" ***holes like you get so butthurt over the most ridiculous things. Its FOOD you dont like it?

Buy your own food and cook it yourself lazy***. So he told you to order should have.

Im sure Paul is a very nice hard working man and youre a whiny little b***h. Get over it


Sounds like another personal vendetta against someone. No one is going to answer the phone and say "thanks for calling Domino's, this is Paul Collins, what can I get for you."

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #821189

You could have ordered online. Who dosent have the internet?

You should meet the lady at our only gas station. She is MEAN!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #821179

People *** just to get free food. Only in #Merica


How was the employee mean to you, did he hit you or something?

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