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I am regular customer for dominos pizza because both my son and wife likes pizza from dominos. Last night I rushed into manchester store to pick up my pizzas I ordered for my son and 2 of my friends kids (all are <4yrs). All of them were very hungry and started crying for food (especially pizza).

An old lady welcomed me pleasantly and asked me "how I can help you”. I felt very nice and thought for a sec that she is a nice lady (looks are always deceiving). I told her that I am here to pick up pizzas for 3 hungry toddlers and also get me something to drink since I was feeling thirst. She said the total is $22, I gave her my credit card which I use it all the time. She asked for an id; "oh shoot I forgot the id" and I explained her the situation. She said id is required otherwise she needs her boss/manager to approve it. I said can i please talk to him.

Here comes our hero (young manager); gave me an unpleasant look and said the id is required. He left the place in no time. I was shocked that no one is ready to listen or understand the fact “Kids are waiting for food and I am in need of a favor as a human being”. I begged them (not literally; using words); more than the money and id I felt the kids were important. The answer I got was the same “without id you cannot get the pizza”. Seriously, I have never showed my id in dominos for the past 5 years.

One thing I clearly noticed is people are still racist (sorry to use such a horrible word; that’s what I felt). As an indian, I was not given an opportunity to bring my id next time or given a warning not to leave the id behind. They don’t have to violate the law, is it really true that they all wanted to protect me stealing $22 from a stolen card to feed 3 hungry kids. Lets be honest; its not about id or following rules. We are all humans and people are more important than anything in this world.

I used F and B words to that smart manager and left the place. Sorry for using swear words; being a human I had to react to such a horrible situation. I was helpless.

Finally I had to drive back for 15 mins and get my wallet to buy pizza. Only thing i mentioned was "I thought we are all humans; but you proved me wrong". I will never forget this in my life; world is proving time and again that we are mammals not humans. Our ego, racism takes higher priority than others pain and suffering. May lord bless them; I will never enter that shop again in my life.

Review about: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I need an apology from the manager.

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Harwood Heights, Illinois, United States #887310

you shouldn't bring *** children into a pizza place. leave em in the car.

People like you are the bane of customer service people everywhere. "Here, I'm going to order ridiculous amounts of food in complicated manners, let me bring my loud, crying *** kids in too"


Four year olds don't need the food they are whining for. Give them something healthy to eat.

Whoever heard of purchasing special food for a four year old and their friends.

They can be taught to eat what is in the house. You sound more like the four year old.


If you continue to drive a car without ID you will discover that the police also require it.


the worst thing is when we went back without the pizza to get the id i hit my son and his friends my son's friends told their mother that i hit them and she called the police on me and they took my son and put him in foster home because they said i am hitting him and that is abuse. the police are racist as well.

to Anonymous #879726

Why did you hit the children, just wondering? This has nothing to do with your being Indian, it has to do with their requirements.

Racism is when they single you out because of racism. They do the same for everyone so it is not racism.

to not racism #879727

i hit them because i was already angry at the manager and they were crying and asking when the pizza will come, i was annoyed and hit them all and said the f word to them all because they were making me mad, so they went home and told their mother because they were still crying and my sons friends did not eat the pizza because they were scared of me, when their mom asked why they were crying, they said i hit them both and she called police on me, police took her side because they are racist and took my son from me. my wife also lost my son and she did not hit him

to Anonymous #880228

Please stop playing on the internet and go to bed, little kid.

to not racism #880225

That was a joke poster..

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