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So I ordered a pizza. Triple pepperoni and bacon.

Not only was the order wrong, but when I called to complain about it the assistant manager, Tyler, decided to tell me that I was wrong. Um, listen big guy, the customer's complaint should always have merit. Oh it gets better though!!! I talked to the store manager, Tyler (at the 92101 store), who not only refused to give me the number of the district manager (rest assure I'll get ahold of someone higher than you sir, won't stop trying either.

I will either talk to your boss's boss or get the attention of your marketing director and your corporate PR representatives). Not only was I denied access to those who decide what hours Mr. Tyler (who refused me his last name of employee ID number, not keeping you out of trouble bud) works, I was also demeaned by this uneducated young soul. It was very "special" that he decided to not allow me access to his superiors.

How could you be so rude to a customer!?

Never again will I order from you. Pizza Hut, I should have never left...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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She never said what was wrong with it. It looks like you could not fit another pepperoni on it and the rest is bacon.

Is that triple cheese as well? It's quiche!


Lady, you need to go on a diet...SERIOUSLY! You cannot eat that much and not be 300 pounds.


This asshat that made the last comment was most likely the baby *** little *** at the store. Just goes to show these little punk *** kids aren't worth the work it took to make them.

San Diego, California, United States #907979

What kind of a fat pig orders triple bacon and pepperoni ??? Enjoy your heart attack SLOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #908988

I agree. That pizza probably has a month's worth of fat and calories in it.

Good grief, and she complains that is wasn't enough. Another reason the rest of the world hates us.

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