About a month or so ago we ordered pizza from the Hueytown Alabama location. The driver first of all was late , he calls to ask where our drive way is...we have an old one we no longer use where I thought he was attempting to come up seeing as how we have never had an issue before.

..the drive we use now is before that one and It is not paved but I drive an altima up and down it everyday with no issue...because there is no issue. He finally comes to the door and is so rude and to top it off makes a threat to shoot my dog. We ordered again and a very nice man delivered with no problem. Well tonight we ordered and the driver calls about the drive way and rather than argue I tell him I will just drive down...I get there and this man os driving a JEEP, he is again so rude, makes several snide comments and leaves.This time I've had it, I wouldn't typically call and complainbut I did.

I ask for the manager and when he comea to the phone I begin my complaint starting with the first driver in responce he chuckles and informs me that the driver was him tgat made the threat to shoot my dog and that he is the general manager. Who can I contact about this because clearly I need to go higher up the chain.

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Yeah sounds like you have a *** driveway. Drivers use their own cars. Sounds like they dont feel comfortable going down your driveway for whatever reason, they have every right to do so.

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It is very easy to see things from one side but I am sure the driver/manager has a side of his own.

Is your driveway clearly marked with a house number? Is the right driveway, the one you currently use clearly marked indicating it is the appropriate drive.? It can be very difficult finding addresses after dark, especially in rural areas.

I am sure your driveway is very easily navigated by you, of course you use it every day as well. My experience with dirt or gravel drives is usually they are rutted, full of pot holes, etc. You of course know where any obstacle is, and avoid it but a driver is going down it for the first time. It's not a company car they are using, its a personal vehicle. If a driver busts his radiator on an exposed rock or slips off into a mud hole he couldn't see it's his money that pays for repairs or a tow.

If your dog was unrestrained and free to approach the driver that blame rests solely with you. A driver has no way to know if your dog is aggressive or not. You are asking the driver to come to your home, he is not trespassing. If the dog was to *** you are fully liable. Not every person likes dogs. Even if the dog doesn't *** the driver may not want the dog jumping on him or sniffing around.

My last question is do you tip your driver, if not then all of the treatment you claim to have received is justifiable. No driver wants to waste his or her time and fuel delivering to a customer who does not appreciate the service. If you don't tip and have a questionable driveway with a loose dog you are probably strongly disliked by every driver who has delivered to you. Perhaps the one who was friendly had never had the displeasure of delivering to you.

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