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I get off work after 13 hour shift i work for a pathology lab i order online a deluxe pie and garlic twists i get a plain cold pie and parmasian twists. Im tired over worked i havent had a day off in weeks all i wanted was a hot meal and all i got was garbage from some lazy *** who cant even take an order that was placed online either that or they had this *** just sitting there i even tipped the guy 5 bucks and donated to st.

Judes because my work is with xancer patients and i know what its like to work and not have much cash i appreciated this man delivering me food late at night but when i saw the cold *** plain pie i nearly broke down. Food is what keeps us happy and moving this was such a dissapointment that im actually writing you guys who dont actually care you just dont want me hashtagging the *** out of this on social media im so mad that there are people who work their *** off to the bone countless hours who are drained mentally and ohysically decide to patronize the place that gives them food poisoning nearly everytime and get this lazy mess of a bullshitted order id apologize for swearing but youd be too. They gave me my money back but why should the children of st.

Judes now losr their money too. Please if you have a heart place my money that these *** employess you have would have made off my order and donate it to the kids

Product or Service Mentioned: Dominos Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So sorry for their lack of patronism (?) We sincerely appreciate your services and know how hard you do work. I wish I lived close and could cook.

Lol. I'd cook you a hot meal just to make you smile. It takes allot of patience to do your kind of work.

I don't have cancer but know many who have had it. Thank you.

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