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I placed an order for a pizza at 6pm on Sunday 12/16/18 by website. After two hours wait I call the store to see what happen the person that answered the phone say that the delivery call and I didn’t answer which it wasn’t true had my phone next to me the whole time.

The person that answered the phone ask me if I still wanted and that it was going to take another 45min I say yes but if was going to get some type of this count or something for waiting two hours and now an extra hour and he got the nerve to tell me that if I wanted or not and that I was been rude for complaining for the two hours waiting he never apologize or was concern to solve the problem. When I got the pizza it look like someone step on the top of the box because it was folded and the cheese was stuck in the top of the box only in the middle of it.

Definitely never calling again. They should check the cámaras in that store to see what really happens behind doors and train people to have better costumer service and if the made the mistake learn to apologize and make it better.

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How long does it take you to realize that they don't want you as a "customer"?


We have checked the cameras as requested. Everything happening in this store is under the guidelines of our standard practices. Thank you for pointing out the expert quality from this store.

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