I dont understand why you dont give out your pepper and cheese packages, thats the reason i buy your pizza!!!!im no longer going to buy your pizza any more!!!!

you just lost a great costomer!!! till u bring them back!!! thank you!!! and i might lay a lawsuit!!

i order your pizza at least once to 2 times a week, ive spent lots of money over the years on your foods, now im not going to use you till you bring it back, so i am speaking with a lawyer as we speek to adress this situation, i have to do something about this!!asap!!!!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1348432

No crushed red pepper or cheese no more buying pizza from Dominos!! Whoever this idea was is a ***!!

Houston, Texas, United States #1330589

I'm done with dominos to now that. I cheese and pramajean


I haven't purchased dominos since they don't give out these items. I'll go to a better pizza place.


You want to sue them because you don't get free cheese and peppers anymore??? That is absolutely hilarious.

This HAS to be a troll, no one can actually be that dumb.


I know this is an old post but they just started this here in my town trying to sell it.Wtf.

I quit. This isn't denmark where you have to pay for a ketchup package *** it. Condiments are supposed to be free.

Learn from Taco bueno.Jeez cheap ***.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #1223829

As a domino's employee, saying you are going to sue is over no cheese and pepper packets is a prime example of the type of customer we do not want. Have a great life and I hope to never see you again.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1121477

I don't know what dominos you go to let the dominoes stores in my area I'll have the pepper in the cheese packets at the required product for dominos stores in all areas I think you need to call the corporate office and find out what's going on in your area


can everyone agree....crazy town?

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, United States #1093324

Kick dominos out of your town and live in the building.


The pepper and cheese packets or shake on are still mandatory for corporate owned stores.FRANCHISED stores can choose to offer that product or not.

The Cheese is very costly. Most stores lose a lot of money because customers ask for a lot (especially around colleges). They can give away a box a day (2 or more at colleges) at the cost of $36 a box.

That condiment is not figured into the cost of the pizza like the crust, sauce toppings and even the box is and corporate sets the price of the food not the franchisee.

It is messed up.My advice, order from a corporate store (ask on the phone if they are franchised) OR go the grocery store and buy a $3 bottle yourself.

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